The Team

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OISHIKA NEOGI, Founder & Director:  Oishika is a third-year student, pursuing a major in International Relations, with a minor in Law. She has been heavily involved in Model United Nations Conferences across the country and has also represented India in international conferences such as the Presidential Inaugural Leadership Summit 2017 (USA) and International Scholar Laureate Program 2018 (China). Despite this, her real forte remains making people smile with her ever-ready jokes of very poor quality. Oishika’s favourite things include burgers, butter chicken, hot chocolate, and sappy Bollywood rom-coms. She hums along to Local Train music, and firmly believes that everything looks better in yellow. On asked about her motivation behind conceptualising D-FY, Oishika says, “More often than not, we all have conversations about having more conversations. Different discourses, about each of us, and about the people we’re living around. What after that? No matter who we are and where we’re from – and whether we accept it or not – we are what we are because of our surrounding, or to put it formally, our socio-political surroundings. Don’t you think it’s high time to bring them all on one forum, and try talking it out? To realise that no matter what walk of life we’re from, some of our basic problems always remain the same. That’s what our attempt at D-FY is. With our second edition- now in Pune- we want to continue creating a free space that encourages conversations irrespective of educational background, profession, age, or any other divisive factor.”



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YASH JOGLEKAR, Speaker Curation: Yash Joglekar is a second-year student at the with a major in Psychology and minor in International Relations. His hobbies include watching professional wrestling, and reading up on battle strategy. He firmly believes that the world is in need of three things- understanding, chocolate, and purple.

On asked “Why D-FY?”, Yash replies, “I was first introduced to DFY by Oishika during its inaugural session. I was hooked the moment she explained the concept to me. As someone who is extremely keen on understanding the world of international politics, I also want to understand the reasoning and thinking that goes behind diplomatic decisions. I believe that DFY is a concept that has the capacity to reach out to a large audience of young individuals who are eager to effect change on their own.”


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KSHIPRA LOWALEKAR, Head of Logistics: Kshipra is a second-year student, pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Film Studies. When not in college, she spends her time reading books that range from Jane Austen and Agatha Christie, to books about psychology and psychological experiments. She is perpetually on the lookout for some magic potion, hoping to join Asterix and Obelix on their many quests. Her hobbies include gorging on chicken biryani and listening to songs by the golden duo that was R.D. Burman and Kishore Kumar.

When asked “Why D-FY?”, Kshipra chimes, “The first edition of D-FY piqued my interest in understanding how diplomacy and politics affect people from various walks of life, and pushed me to think about how these concepts are applicable in everyday situations. I believe that these concepts shouldn’t be exotic ideas, but should be skills that are honed as a part of growing up. Diplomacy and politics need not always be foreign and difficult concepts. They can be qualities applicable to a broad spectrum of mundane scenarios. Through D-FY, I hope to play my part in helping these ideas reach as many people as possible.”

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VARAD GODASE, Finance: Varad Godase is a second-year student at the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune. His major is International Relations, with a minor in Law. His favourite game? “Tell me a route and I can tell you which airlines fly that route and which airplane will take you there!”. Varad has studied German till the C1 level, and jumps at every possible chance to converse in German and talk about Germany. He is also guilty of working to improve his Instagram feed, more than his grades.

On asked “Why D-FY?”, Varad says, “Having picked IR as my major, I realized that the importance of diplomacy and its use in day to day life is immense. Apart from understanding politics at a systematic level, I am really keen on knowing how and why it affects the life of an individual.sweet heart

SHIVANGI SHARMA, Finance: Shivangi Sharma is a third year student with a major in Economics and a double minor in International Relations and Film Studies.

Besides trying to maintain a good college record, she is a crazy foodie and plans to fill her travel journal with pictures of all the counties she has visited and wishes to visit.
On asked “Why D- FY?”, she replies, “D-FY is an exciting project and a foreshadowing of what I would like to do in my career. This includes participating and organising forums with a global audience where India could feature its arts, commerce and literature and exchange knowledge for development. I hope to learn more about the exchange of ideas and perspectives because I feel that diplomacy is not just about foreign policies and strategies.”
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MAANVI KHURANA, Head of Marketing: Maanvi Khurana is a second-year student with a major in Political Science, with a double minor in History and Law. Maanvi can come up with creative posters at the drop of a hat and for this reason, she is mostly seen hunched over her laptop or a thick book. Her Instagram feed is capable of giving people a serious case of wanderlust, and her meme game is on point.

On asked “Why D-FY?”, Maanvi replies, “I believe that knowledge of diplomacy should not be an esoteric concept and its proliferation and application in everyday scenarios is imperative”.