About D-FY

Our Aim:

Our aim is to strengthen the base of and awareness regarding diplomatic relations within and outside India through the education and empowerment of a new generation of enlightened international leaders. We intend to achieve the same through this first of many interactive sessions with contemporary literary advocates spanning diverse fields of academia ranging from law and literature to the social sciences and fine arts, amongst others.

Our Goal:

At Diplomacy For Youth, our goal is to conduct a two-day conference/panel discussion, featuring members of various governmental and non-governmental organizations as speakers, with the intention of educating their audience about the practice of diplomacy in their respective fields and careers. Some of these speakers could potentially include founders of organizations that cater to students, in addition to diplomats of the country, and eminent speakers who have held posts in Parliament, etc. As a result of a panel as diverse as this, we hope to deliver extensive knowledge on diplomacy across various fields of academia.

Our Process:

The interactive session with the speakers will comprise a total of 180 minutes i.e. 3 hours, per day.
The session will be structured accordingly.
* 20 minutes of speech per speaker addressing a statement/question regarding diplomacy within their field of work.
* 45 minutes of debate and rebuttal in relation to responses and references made by fellow speakers.
* 35 minutes wherein the podium will be open to questions by the audience.
The same is subject to modification upon interaction and suggestions from the speakers and members of the audience themselves.