Diplomacy For Youth (D-FY) is a platform that was conceptualized and created by a group of young college students in order to allow the Indian youth to engage in a meaningful discourse about diplomacy, its challenges and its practical applications.

For this purpose, Diplomacy for Youth is designed to be a 2-day panel discussion that hosts eight eminent individuals from a vast array of disciplines and fields of work. These speakers are brought together to discuss and deliberate upon a vast range of pertinent interdisciplinary issues related to diplomacy in the modern world. The forum intends to bring to light the ways in which diplomacy, academics and the professional world are not only interlinked but are deeply interdependent upon each other. D-FY seeks to create an engaging environment that allows for a healthy back and forth not only amongst the panelists, but also between the audience and the panel. Through this, it is our hope to allow for the proliferation of knowledge and for the improvement of the general discourse surrounding diplomacy.

The first edition of D-FY was held on the 13th and 14th of January 2018 at the Cuckoo Club in Mumbai and showcased beautifully the mission and vision of this nascent organisation. Our next edition will be held in Pune in January, 2019 as we hope to continue engaging conversations.

So come, join us today, to make a better tomorrow.